XlitET Smart Bicycle Tail Light


The XlitET/ET+ was designed for daily commute and long-distance bike trip where requires longer battery life and higher visibility.

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  • Run Time:Flash1(40h)-Flash2(28h)-Flash3(32h)-Flash4(29h)-Brerth(14h)-On(8h)
  • Battery Capacity:500mAh
  • Net Weight:36g
  • Gross Weight:46g
  • Dimension:L:78.5mm-XW:20.5mm-XD:27.5mm
  • Brightness:50 lumens
  • Material:Aluminium alloy,plastic
  • Connector:USB-T-ypec
  • Color:black
  • Operation Mode:Manual mode and automatic mode
  • Water Proof:IPX5
  • Runtime 运行时间:Flash1(40h)-Flash2(28h)-Flash3(32h)-Flash4(29h)-Brerth(14h)-On(8h)


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